Vienna International Swim Meet

The Vienna International Swim Meet
takes place

April 27th – 30th 2023.

The pool is 50m, 8 lanes, electronic timing by MSECM.

The meeting is supported by:


The invitation to the Vienna International Swim Meet is available by clicking the link below.

Link to the Invitation 2023: I_VISM_2023_v02

Lenex-File for entries (rename .zip in .lxf): to be published soon

The entry list can be found here: will be published shortly after entry deadline



Live-Timing is available via the webpage of our timing partner MSECM (

Link Live-Timing:

If you want to use live-timing on your mobile please use the respective App available for iOS and android. The app can be downloaded from your app-store. The costs are indicated in the app-store.


Please contact:

office (a)           for general information about the meeting